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Fall 2010
Deadline: November 5th, notification on December 3rd

Spring 2011
Deadline: March 4th, 2011, notification - April 1st, 2011

What Will Be Funded?

Grants will be available to enhance and broaden the knowledge of students, to develop and refine teaching techniques, and to provide teachers with opportunities that will support and enrich the curriculum of the Burlington Public Schools. Proposals are encouraged which demonstrate innovation, collaboration, and have a potentially broad impact upon the school district (although grants that involve a single classroom are also welcome).

What Will Not Be Funded?

Grant funds are not intended to replace or relieve the existing responsibility for public funding of school programs, nor are they intended to substitute for items funded by the PTOs or included in the regular school budget such as substitute teachers, textbooks, instructional equipment, classroom supplies, capital improvements, retroactive compensations, and on-going curriculum or staff development activities normally sponsored by the School Department


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Grants Already Funded

Over the past year, the BEF has awarded over $16,000 in grant money to Burlington teachers, and that money is hard at work in several of Burlington's classrooms.

Spring 2011 Grants

Title Applicant School
Bringing History to Life Laura Phillips, Georgia Devine MSMS, BHS
Lego Robotics Team Michale Giurlando Francis Wyman
ELMO: Artistic Apprentice Courtney Fallon Pine Glen

This is a thank you note the BEF received from Susan Fay and Michelle Eovine for outstanding support

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Spring 2009 Grants

Magic of Maps All 3rd grade Burlington students will benefit from the energetic and experienced Map Lady, Susan Pientratoni. Her goal is to introduce the students to the art of cartography and to explain the history of Burlington. In a grade-level assembly, Susan will explore Burlington and convey a sense of purpose, observation, and measurement. She will help the students navigate through Burlington’s terrain, landmarks, and neighboring towns. The following day, Susan will return to each school to spend one hour in the classroom. With verbal cues only, the kids will use pencil, paper, and ruler to create their own map of Burlington.

Artist in Residence – Nobel Prize Winner Did you know that Burlington High School has a Nobel Prize-winning alumnus? Roderick Mackinnon, born in Burlington in 1956 won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003. This Artist in Residence Grant combines two areas of study – art and science. BHS students will collaborate to create a mural depicting Roderick’s advances in science. The product that remains on the walls of BHS will be analyzed and studied for years to come. We are fortunate to have a BHS Nobel prize winner, and this project will finally honor him.

ELMO ELMO is a specialized camera used to project images for the entire classroom to view. Student’s homework, essay writing, and other examples can be projected so that the teacher may use it as a “live” sample. The class works together to make corrections, dive deeper into a subject, and brainstorm about making it better. ELMO is an effective tool for the visual learner. Mrs. Bova’s Language Arts classes will be the first to test out this product.

Amazing Hero Art Rob Surette, speed painter, will be visiting Marshall Simonds Middle School in the fall of 2009 as a culminating activity for the BEAM project entitled “Heroes in our Community”. Mr. Surette has an incredible reputation, inspiring all students who attend his assemblies. Set to a variety of music, he uses grand canvases and acrylic paints to create images of heroes in our world. His paintings take just a few minutes each to complete and he keeps the audience guessing who might be projected… is it The Statue of Liberty, Abe Lincoln, Einstein?

New Repertory Theater Exposing Burlington students to live theater, especially one that connects to the current curriculum, is a rare opportunity. New Repertory Theater will do a stage production for English classes, affecting about 500 students. The theater group then has an open forum called “Talk Back”. It will allow the students to openly discuss what they’ve seen and heard. New Repertory Theater is yet another visual stimulus for students.

Precision Timing Scientific processes can be better understood with accurate measurements. The CPO Timer allows all physics students at the BHS the opportunity to test and visualize theories where predictions are proven with accurate measurements.

Listening to Literature: The Mass Children's Book Award - Fall 2008 The Burlington Education Foundation grant committee accepts the grant application for Listening to Literature by Steve Levin. We are pleased to award the Francis Wyman and Memorial Schools to embellish the Massachusetts Book Award Program. We appreciate the encouragement of pleasure reading at the 4th and 5th grade level and like that this is focused toward the Special Education student. It will help these students feel involved by partaking in the group discussion and reading the same material as their classmates. The grant committee is honored to work with the Burlington Public School and the Burlington Rotary Club to augment this project.

The Magic of Maps - Fall 2008 The Burlington Education Foundation grant committee finds that the Magic of Maps, submitted by Anita Mason, will be a fabulous teaching tool, and we are honored to fund her requested $700. The application was detailed, perfectly identifying the specific Massachusetts Frameworks which will be enhanced. This two-day project will first build excitement in the 3rd grade student and then follow through with map completion. These mapping techniques can be utilized by the teachers in following years, helping to sustain this grant in future years.

My Place in Space - Geography and Art in Action - Fall 2008 Courtney Fallon and Kelly Floyd have demonstrated to the Burlington Education Foundation grant committee that My Place in Space at Pine Glen is both an art and geography project for the entire school to participate. They have embraced this task integrating both mapping skills and art. The application was well-written and beautifully presented. We encourage the use of Lexan panels rather than plexi for durability and longevity. The BEF is willing to fund this grant up to $2000 and will also cover the expense of a plaque stating (for example), "This map, funded by the Burlington Education Foundation, was created by the students of Pine Glen in 2009."

Odyssey: Molecular Modeling - Fall 2008 The Burlington Education Foundation is honored to fund the Odyssey grant request for $2700. With much excitement, Mrs. Czerwinski has created an interesting proposal for the science lab at the high school. The Odyssey software is interactive and dynamic and is engaging to all types of students, especially the visual learner. This grant aids all areas of the sciences and is directly tied to enhancing the curriculum. We look forward to getting feedback regarding this software's usefulness.

Brain Gym - Fall 2008
The Brain Gym will have lasting affects at the Francis Wyman School under the direction of Irene Tortolini. The BEF is happy to grant $2287.20 towards this grant. This valuable training for the teachers can be carried over from year to year and positively effect all students. We appreciate that these activities will improve concentration, memory, reading, organizational and listening skills. The committee understands Mrs. Tortolini's enthusiasm, but feels that it is overly ambitious to supply all teachers with the CDs and book sets. The BEF would like to fund the consultant fees, travel costs, and 10 copies of the CDs and booksets to be available for teacher use.

National High School Journalism Convention - Spring 2008
At the High School, Mr. Ethan Feinsilver, journalism teacher, will be taking the Devil's Advocate (BHS newspaper) leaders to St. Louis, Missouri. They will be attending a National High School Journalism Convention entitled “Gateway to the Best.” This convention will hold workshops, writing seminars, on-site critiques, and student competitions. Our Devil's Advocate writers and editors will return with advanced design and writing techniques for the school paper. Watch for these exciting changes next winter!

Banghra Boston - Spring 2008
Burlington High students will also benefit from Ms. Christina Chang Riley's grant entitled “Banghra Boston.” An assembly will gather all students to experience Banghra Boston's traditional performance of South Asian music. This will provide students with a better understanding of a classic, yet different global entertainment.